The incentive card usable anywhere the Mastercard acceptance mark is displayed.

Revolutionising the incentive card

Usable on the Mastercard network.

The most widely accepted card network in the world

URSSAF standards.

The OpenCado cards comply with URSSAF rules (you cannot use the card to buy fuel, food, or make ATM withdrawals)

A dedicated space for your employees.

Your beneficiaries can view the balance of their card online during the lifetime of your subscription

I just received my replacement card.

Your old OpenCado card was deactivated in August and you have just received a new one from your works council. Don’t panic, your existing incentives are ready to be recovered.

I received my first OpenCado card

Your works council has just given you the OpenCado card for the first time? Congratulations you will have access to a whole new way to make purchases

You have a question about card?

Have a question about using your balance? You want to understand how to use your dedicated area? We thought of you.